Monday, September 7, 2009

My cousin Chelsea from Alabama came to go to BYU-Idaho so my parents decided since they have to take her to Idaho they might as well take their grandboys to Bear World! Hope you guys had a blast!

So for the last couple of years my Sweet P's and I have been doing the Salt Lake Farmers Market. This year I was so excited and I made a bunch of new jewelry, but when Saturday rolled around I was unable to go because of work or I had a wedding or pictures to take. But finally I this Saturday I was free-free to do farmers market. I was so excited, I got everything ready and got change from the bank, I was prepared only to find out that my friends are done for the summer! So that means I am putting my jewelry on here to sale. enjoy! Let me know if you see anything you would like.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I love this bracelet! Even though it just screams fall, it has bright colors and is fun.
Price: 8.00

This bracelet is orange and gold. It's very simple and elegant all at the same time.
Price: 8.00

This bracelet is so fun with the different colors and textures.
Price: 10.00

This red and green bracelet does not look like christmas. Its fun and flirty.
Price: 10.00

Saturday, September 5, 2009


This is a fun necklace with bright blues, its multi-strings are fun and flirty!
Price: 20.00

I love this necklace, with its bright yellow beads and big flower it just reminds me of spring!
Price: 10.00

This necklace had black beads that I think are so pretty!
Price: 10.00

This necklace mades me happy with the pretty fall orange
Price: 15.00